Our clinic integrates Naturopathic Services, Health Coaching, and Behavioral Health Counseling into your healthy living lifestyle. We’ve created a team of providers that will help you reach your wellness goals. Together, our providers have over 30 years of experience in building the tools necessary to achieve long-term success.

Behavioral Health Counseling

Our certified and licensed counselors have experience in many aspects of behavioral health. Our counselors cater to individuals, couples, families and groups. We provide diagnostic evaluations, psychotherapy, and consultations through a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Naturopathic Services

Naturopathic Medicine supports the body’s natural way of healing itself utilizing botanical extracts, herbs, nutritional counseling and therapeutic exercises.  Our naturopathic doctor encourages optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods which encourage the body to heal itself.

Health Coaching

At Integrated Holistic Solutions, PLLC, Health coaching is an adjunct service offered to our clients needing a personal level of accountability. Health coaching works on the relationship between a person and their perceived wellness obstacles. 


We acknowledge there are many potential clients who need treatment, but are unable to access it for various reasons. At Integrated Holistic Solutions, PLLC, we have providers on staff trained and certified in Telehealth. 

Group Counseling

At Integrated Holistic Solutions, PLLC, we offer several modalities of groups. Participating in a group can offer alternate perspectives a person may not otherwise see. While our groups vary in type and format, a common thread is that members have the opportunity to work on improving their lives in a supportive, structured, and safe environment.

Lab Testing

We’re taking our efforts one step further by partnering with Direct Laboratory Services, LLC and Ulta Lab Tests, LLC to provide patients with direct access to lab tests. Through these partnerships, we provide access to innovative, functional medicine tailored labs that allow our providers to accurately access and diagnose ailments.

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