HydroGenie and Parts Pack

device for hydrogen inhalation, water infusion, Brown's GasA “Triple Threat” device that allows for Inhalation, Water Infusion and Direct Application of the gas right where it is needed – even directly to joints, internal organs or brain! The HydroGenie offers three ways to easily consume molecular hydrogen to ease pain, reduce inflammation, and fight fatigue:

  • Use the infusion stone to add molecular hydrogen to any drink such as water, tea, coffee, or juice, and to take with you.
  • Utilize the cannula for inhalation of hydrogen gas for fast penetration of the body’s vital organs to promote healing and improve function.
  • Use the Applicator Cup to direct hydrogen into joints or muscles for reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.

This generator creates the all-natural product of water electrolysis. It is a Brown’s Gas generator producing:

  • Gas Produced – True Brown’s Gas, HHO: 2 parts Hydrogen, and 1 part Oxygen.
  • 400ml/min on startup (267 ml Hydrogen, 133 ml Oxygen).
  • and up to 850 ml/min (567 ml Hydrogen, 283 ml Oxygen) once full operating temperature has been reached.

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