Intravenous infusions utilizing high doses of vitamins were first developed by Dr. John Myers in the 1970’s and they were known as Myer’s Cocktails. Since this time infusions of nutraceuticals and vitamins have become more prevalent in integrative and functional medicine. The intravenous infusion is now used to expedite and increase the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals without having to pass through the digestive tract. During an intravenous infusion, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic remedies are administered directly into your vein in an effort to rapidly improve your overall health. At Integrated Holistic Solutions PLLC, we are delighted to offer infusion therapy to help reboot your immune system, expel toxins from your blood, liver and other organs, as well as revitalize your cellular health. The cold and flu season is upon us and infusions of nutraceuticals have shown to be very beneficial in reducing the severity of the common cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system. We have dedicated, licensed and extensively trained healthcare providers who can assist you with your healthcare needs. Take charge of your health and make an appointment today to see how you may benefit from IV infusions.

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