Create the Body Your Soul Desires

Dr. Karen Wolfe, MBBS and Deborah Kern, Ph.D

A Physician And A Health Scientist Team Up To Help You "Create The Body Your Soul Desires"

Here is a book that revolutionizes all the tired, time-worn methods of trying to fight the battle of the body: Create the Body Your Soul Desires: The Girlfriends’ Guide to Body Image, Weight, Food, Energy and Sexuality by Drs. Karen Wolfe, MBBS, and Deborah Kern, Ph.D. A fun read, this unique book blends science, nutrition, psychology and spirituality while at the same time offering practical down-to-earth tools that you can apply to your life beginning right now.

One of the distinguishing features of this remarkable book is that it highlights the importance of soul-level friendship in accomplishing the sacred work of taking care of the body. The authors describe the nature and importance of maintaining a faithful buddy system as the major support for accomplishing the goals so beautifully set out in their Conscious Body Methodä.

These dynamic women are changing the face of how we view and care for our bodies, our souls, and our relationships to one another. This book is truly a masterpiece of original concepts. It provides blueprints for the joy-filled process of creating the body your soul desires.

This book, which is endorsed by best-selling author, Dr. Christiane Northrup, is about the magic and power of creating not only a healthy and vital body, but also a life that is congruent with your soul’s purpose.

Publication Date: October, 2003