Vitamins & Supplements

Occasionally, your body may need additional dietary help to achieve your wellness goals. We work with a trusted dispensary to offer high-quality vitamins and supplements to help meet your body's unique needs. Dietary supplements can include vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, enzymes, and amino acids that may be missing from your diet. Supplements are also helpful if you cannot get enough of a particular vitamin or mineral through diet alone. Supplements may assist with your metabolism, help speed healing, or improve energy levels. Vitamins and supplements can be used to treat many conditions. Some supplements, such as the essential fatty acids found in Omega 3 and Omega 6 have been known to reduce inflammation in the body which could lead to autoimmune disorders, certain cancers and arthritis. Some people need to take supplements temporarily in order to treat a particular condition while others take them long-term to facilitate overall wellness. Your care team will help you determine the supplements that your body needs to improve your health.

Our skilled clinicians will review your health goals and collaborate with your entire care team tocreate an individualized plan that may include specific vitamins and other supplements to assist you in reaching these goals. We will discuss your health history and symptoms to optimize our recommendations during your visits. Your recommendations may change throughout the course of your treatment as your needs change and your condition improves. If we determine that your needs change, wewill discuss this with you during your office visit.

Once your clinician makes a vitamin or supplement recommendation, you will have the convenience of purchasing some of your products in our office. We also offer an online dispensary for all clients of Integrated Holistic Solutions, LLC. We hope you will enjoy the benefits of accessing your provider's recommendations through this online portal from the convenience of any Internet enabled device. To sign up for an account and start receiving generous discounts on your health and wellness products, simply click here to complete your request. You will receive an invitation via email once your request is recieved.

For established patients of Integrated Holistic Solutions, you can login to order vitamins and supplements online by clicking here. We encourage you to discuss any additional supplement or vitamin purchases that are not a part of your treatment recommendations with your provider prior to purchasing.


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